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The Greek crisis is of great importance for the European Union, as well as individual countries facing the prospect of having to introduce similar austerity measures. To assess the political sustainability of economic crisis management in Greece and its implications, public opinion panel data was collected, representative of the Greek adult population. Measurements were conducted in December 2010, in December 2011 and in June 2012, after the Parliamentary elections.


A number of articles have been written analysing these data and more are in the pipeline. Key questions analysed include idenitifying the drivers of anti-austerity protest, and assessing the impact of the economic crisis on voting behaviour. The English version of the questionnaires are avaialble for downlaod, along with selected data for replication. For any other information, please contact [email protected]


A seperate project, funded by the Carnegie Trust, analyses the mobilisation of migrant activists in Greece and explores how they have been affected by the economic crisis. Read preliminary findings and project details in the relevant section on migrant protest.


An edited book on The Politics of Exterme Austerity will be published by Palgrave in March2015

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